Tricks and Tips You Should Follow While Packing for Storage

New York is the most populous and the most famous city of United States. It accounts for almost 40% of the population of the state. It is the most powerful city of the world economically. It is a hub for technology, entertainment and education with all the services and facilities being served at your doorstep.

Moving to a new place might seem to be a huge task and you might have to face many challenges, one of the major ones being the lack of space. However, there are many storage professionals from New York who can assist you in making your home relocation process a comfortable one, without any hustle. Here are certain tips that you may want to follow while packing for storage in New York city.

Know how much you need to store

Don’t play a guessing game while figuring out how much and what you need to take with you while moving. You must plan beforehand and have everything organized. And you must take the measurements of the boxes and furniture and get an idea of how much material is to be moved and the space that would be occupied by it all.

Planning early can help you save a lot of money on storage expenses. You must separate the items that you need, and you are going to use in your daily routine from the items that you want to store. Once you have figured out what all things you need to store, you can get a quote for your move to the Big Apple. They can assist you with the best moving in services in New York.

Tips for boxing up material

It is necessary that you box up your materials with care. Here are certain tips by which you can perfectly box up your stuff:

  • Use soft items to act as a buffer around large products. A towel could be used for this purpose.
  • Pack lighter stuff on top and the heavier at the bottom.
  • Avoid breakage of plates by stacking them in a vertical position.
  • Don’t fill the boxes more than their carrying capacity, or they may break.
  • Put label tags on every box to make the categorization easier.
  • Use the word “fragile” to indicate the boxes carrying soft and delicate items, so that the movers know to handle them with utmost care.

Pack furniture first

Make sure that you go for the larger and the heavier items first. Beds, couches, fridge, washing machines etc. are just some of the things that you must pack first. You can pack these items and move them into a shed and then use the hollow spaces being left out by them in the boxes to fit in smaller items. It is advisable to use wooden pallets to cover the furniture to avoid damage to the goods from any outer conditions.

Maximize the space

Space is one of the most essential factors while packing for storage. Make sure that you make the most out of every small space inside the box. You must pack every box towards the top and you can also use plywood to create carrier layers over the boxes to accommodate other stuff in it.

Mattresses and other longer items can be placed along the edges and used as protective storage walls. You can even use the plastic for wrapping your stuff and preventing any damage from occurring. Another thing you should try is to keep the stuff off the ground by using pallets. This will protect belongings from any damage from moisture and protect it from rust and corrosion.

Stocktake the items

It is recommended that you create an inventory of everything that needs to be stored. The inventory would be very useful in keeping a track of all the materials and you will be able to cross-check the availability of all the packing materials you need. Making a list will also be helpful while unpacking as you can track the items and see if anything is misplaced. You can separate the electronics, accessories and all other stuff, labelling different boxes for each. This would simplify your moving process significantly.

Start from back

Make sure to utilize all the space available at the back of the unit you are using for storage. You can place the items that you don’t need on a daily basis at the bottom and the other necessary items at the top. It is advisable that you place the longer and the taller items around the corner of the box. This would make it easy for you to see the items and access them easily.

Don’t store perishables

There are certain items that you should avoid while packing your stuff for storage. Here is a list of items that you should not include in the boxes as they might damage other materials in the boxes.

  • Paint
  • Old tires
  • Food
  • Petrol
  • Toxic substances

Anything that is toxic, flammable and has an odor should not be stored and packed in the boxes for storage. You may take them separately along with you or dispose of them if not needed.

Storage types

It is necessary that you decide about the type of storage units that you will require for once you have made a list of the things that need to be moved. You can use the containers for storage to protect it from all the weather elements and lessen the chances of any damage to your belongings. Make sure that you use the storage quotes only from professional companies which have a high level of security.


Moving to NYC and packing for storage sounds like a very tedious and challenging task. But, if done properly and all the tips followed accordingly, it can be easy. Make sure to plan your move beforehand and make all the arrangements accordingly to avoid getting into any complications later. Follow all these tips mentioned above and you will be able to store all your goods in a comfortable and safe manner.

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