Know More about Concrete Lifting Foams to Repair Shrinking Slab

Filling up polyurethane foam in shrinking concrete slab is stated to be the best repairing method till date. This kind of solution to lift up the slab has proved to be quite beneficial for its beneficial applicable features.

The advantages of filling up polyurethane foam are:

  • Need small holes to be made for injecting the foam inside.
  • The time taken to complete the repair and having the slab back on service is quite less compared to other repairing methods.
  • The work can be completed in a cost-effective way. If the repairing is done while the cracks emerge or the slab starts shrinking in, you are sure to have the work done at reasonable cost.
  • The foam is quite durable as it doesn’t get spoilt by moisture or any chemicals present in the soil. There is negligible chance of decrease in strength or appearance of any new gaps.
  • The material is environmental friendly. The material doesn’t aid in spoiling the soil underneath the concrete infrastructure.

Few lines on lifting up the slab with foam:

Numerous small holes are drilled in the shrunk slab. The foam is injected through it to be spread once it touches the ground level. The crevices are filled up and sealed leaving only a well strengthened structure lasting for longer period.

The cost of the foam depends upon the quantity required. The contractor will count the number of holes to be made in accordance to the cracks and damaged slab. However, the total expenditure will be quite less compared to replacing the whole shrunk concrete part of the structure. To have the repair done at reasonable price, decide to do the repair work as soon as you see cracks emerging on the concreted part.

Try to appoint a well experienced contractor specialized in using polyurethane foam concrete lifting material to make the slab look newly contracted. Delaying the filling up of cracks or letting the slab go down gradually will increase the repairing costly.  You need to buy right kind of foam for its durability and easy to expand qualities.

In the market, there are varied polyurethane foam material available that differs in quality and price. You can verify the price of the foam by comparing numerous online market quotes. Know more about the methods involved in filling up the foam by professional contractors. Using only eco friendly materials will be beneficial for enhancing the durability of the repaired concrete slab.

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