How to Shop for Composite Decking Material?

These days people prefer to use composite decking material instead of traditional woods due to many benefits that this new material offers. Initially when composite deck material was introduced in the market, there were quite a few issues, which has been overcome over the years. Initially there were about 10 varieties available however now you can get 50 different varieties.

While shopping for Fiberon decking material from the market, following are few things that you need to consider.

  1. Are you on budget constraint?

If you compare the cost of wooden deck with composite material then you will certainly find wooden deck to be much cheaper. However, if you look at the long term basis, then you need to consider the life and regular maintenance cost of wooden deck. By doing calculation you will surely find wooden deck much costly in the longer run and hence it is sensible to go for composite material. In case of composite material too with little intelligent designing, you can bring down the installation cost.

  1. Will your deck be exposed to hot sun?

Usually, it has been found that if you choose darker color material then with constant exposure to sun, it is likely to get too much heated up, therefore you must choose lighter color material in case your deck will remain exposed to sun for longer time.

  1. Is it very necessary to have wooden look?

Composite decks can be made available with wooden grain color so that you can get traditional wooden look. However, in order to match the grain to give proper match you need to pay very high price. Therefore, check if you can afford to pay that much price to get natural wooden color show.

  1. How much wet will the deck become?

If you prefer smooth textured composite material then it can get slippery due to rain or if it is installed near swimming pool. Therefore, if you need deck for wet area then prefer for rough textured material.

  1. Is hidden fastener too important?

Many of you may not bother whether the fasteners are there in the deck or not however if you are too much touchy about the fastener’s appearance on the deck then you can prefer for hidden fastener. However, in such case your cost may go up by 30 per cent.

  1. Are you sure that all building codes are followed?

Get your material approved by local building official before buying, as some of the composite materials are having few limitations.

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