How to Properly Protect Valuable Items When Moving Home? 

Packing of valuable items has always been that much more complex than, for instance, packing clothes and books. Why the difference? Well, it’s simple, when you pack valuable items you need to protect valuable items. And it is this protection that requires an extra effort, extra time and potentially extra resources.

What are these valuable items? It can vary, greatly. From paintings and other antique objects, fine china sets, jewellery and electronic equipment. Furthermore, valuable items might not pose any financial value, but rather have huge value to you, such as some family heirlooms. Lastly, this can involve some valuable, important and irreplaceable documents. All of these are something that you need to take special care of and take a lot of steps in order to properly protect valuable items such as these.

With this and a little bit of additional research you will be able to learn all important packing tips.

What to do in order to properly protect valuable items?

The ways of taking care of them are numerous, but there is no single step you can do alone. In order to protect valuableitems, there is a set of steps you need to take. It’s a process and you should treat it as such. This process is not tedious and not impossible to complete. But it is important that you follow it because it is in your best interest to do so.

The main difference between these precious items and regular ones is the fact that if you drop a book to the floor, accidentally, nothing special will really happen to the book. But if your fine china set is dropped to the ground… Well, let’s just say that you will have one set of fine china less. So how do you protect valuable items?

Begin by making a small list of all valuable items

This would be the best thing to start with. I know you might be a bit anxious to start placing things in cardboard boxes, but the time for that will come. Trust me. There is no avoiding it. But, before you get to it, you ought to make a list of valuable items you wish to protect.

Begin by making an inventory of your most valuable items. This way you will be certain whether you wish to take all of them, or maybe decide upon a different future for some of them. Secondly, this detailed list will be ever so helpful in an unfortunate event of something getting damaged or lost. Whilst making this list, make sure to take plenty of photographs for each of the item that is making the list. These photographs will also serve as proof of the initial state of all the items, in case something gets damaged during the move. This will be vital for claiming potential insurance, in case something goes wrong.

Speaking of insurance… Don’t have second thoughts about it

One of the best ways, if not the best way, to protect valuable items is purchasing insurance. There is no single downside to doing this and this is something we highly advise anyone who is about to engage in this type of work.

An insurance makes all the absolute difference when moving anything of value, either monetary or emotional. And insurance does not make these items invulnerable. It just makes sure that, no matter what happens, you get a hefty compensation for all potential loss.

Accidents happen. Regardless of whether a professional is taking care of your move, or you are doing it on your own, we are all human. And accidents can always happen – and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent everything. This is more about what you can do to mitigate any damage that can happen. Or you can minimize the risk and hire professional movers. Before you hire movers, we suggest you visit one of informative websites, such as, where you can learn a lot about how to compare moving companies and avoid scams.

However, one can argue that if nothing goes wrong – this money is wasted. This is true to an extent. If nothing goes wrong indeed, the money you invested is lost. But, if something does go wrong and you haven’t invested in insurance – you will be losing far more money than the money you would initially invest. Furthermore, in return to investing that money initially you get some peace of mind that, in our opinion, has no value. No matter what happens you know that you will be covered and compensated, and you will have nothing to worry about. This is probably the best thing about it.

Arm yourself with good packing supplies

When you’ve covered all of these initial steps you can dig into the packing. But your packing will only be as good as the packing supplies you use. In order to protect valuable items you need to use protective items to pack them. So, make sure you arm yourself with a lot of:

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap

These items are imperative when to packing, be it packing your protective items or anything else for that matter.

Boxes are self-explanatory. Whatever it is that you are moving; ultimately it will go into boxes. However, the best thing you can do is make sure you have a load of differently shaped boxes, of all shapes and sizes. This way you will be able to have a bigger choice for some items that will go into a box alone.

Packing paper will your next best thing after ruling out all the boxes you will need. The more of soft and white packing paper you have, the better of a protective wall you will be able to make within a box.

And lastly, bubble wrap. The king of protection. The undisputed champion. This will be your closest ally when it comes to protecting valuable items throughout the move. Get as much of it as you can. And use as many layers as you can when you start wrapping your precious belongings.

With a bit of luck, this will go flawlessly! So best of luck to you!

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