Hardwood Floors – Obtaining the Shine Back

Hardwood is definitely an attractive and lengthy-lasting flooring, but with time daily put on can make it lose its shine. Replacing the flooring ‘s time consuming, costly in most cases unnecessary. Rather, eliminate the lacklustre look and produce back the shine by refinishing your hardwood floors.

Obvious Up!

Before beginning, obvious the ground of all things, including furniture and rugs. Refinishing just the visible areas of the ground leaves dull areas that’ll be easy to understand if you choose to arrange things later. Also remove any nails which may be sticking from the flooring.

A Period to Sand

Fit the ground sander having a properly sized bit of sandpaper. Sand the whole floor, dealing with the grain from the wooden flooring and never against it. Review the ground with 36-grit sandpaper first and progressively progress to 60, 80, then 100-grit paper. This really is necessary to offer the smoothest appearance. Make sure to keep your sander moving constantly.


Sweep the ground well to get rid of the biggest bits of grit after sanding is finished. Follow this having a thorough vacuuming. Make use of the vacuum cleaner’s crevice attachment to get rid of grit in the corners and edges from the floor.


Next, you’re ready to stain the ground. Before you apply the stain it makes sense to check a little, off traffic area to make sure that the colour is what you would like. Let it dry for around 5 minutes before proceeding, as colors sometimes change slightly once dry.

Use the stain using the grain from the wood to make certain that you will get an even, natural look when the floor dries. For any deep, wealthy shade use the stain having a roller. Should you should you prefer a lighter stain, use rags to help make the application. When the floor dries completely you are able to review it again or reapply the stain simply to spotty areas.


When the stain has dried, you’re ready to use a memory finish. Make use of a paint stay with stir the conclusion carefully, but avoid energetic mixing as this might cause unattractive air bubbles. You should use whether roller or brush to help make the application.

Hold back until the conclusion is dry to touch before you apply the 2nd coat. This takes about 3 or 4 hrs, but may be worth waiting for to prevent marks left out from your footwear. Use the second coat in the same manner that you simply applied the very first. Wait from 3 to 4 days before moving furniture into the room because replacing things too rapidly can result in ugly scratches.

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