Durham Windows And Doors Replacement Tips and Terminologies

Sometimes, failure to understand some Durham windows and doors terminology can make the project execution drag due to purchasing hitches. It is a general understanding that if you want to get something done exactly how you want, then you need to highlight your needs precisely.

This holds for all circles of life, and when it comes to Durham windows and doors, it is no different. That deems it so necessary to understand some terminologies as you embark on doing your research on new replacement windows. This will help you during the consultation period and also in the entire installation process.

Window Products

  1. Awning Windows

These windows are operated using a crank that opens to the outside from the bottom. It offers excellent ventilation.

  1. Casement Window

It is operated using a crank. They open outside. It also provides great ventilation and superior airtightness. They use compression seals to maximise their energy efficiency.

  1. End-Vent Window

They incorporate slider on either side and are mostly used for wider windows. They offer wider viewing area and great ventilation.

  1. Fixed Window

This is a non-operable unit. It allows a lot of light into the room and gives you an unobstructed view.

Window Grilles

These are the bars that partition Durham windows and doors into small decorative panes. They are used to decorate the window.

High Profile Window

Have a thicker window frame and allow the combination of many units.

  1. Hung Window

This is a sliding style of window that moves down and up. One or the two sashes can be opened and can tilt in the interior of the room. It is effortless to clean.

Low Profile Window

Have a thin window frame.

  1. Picture Window

This is just a fixed window.

  1. Slider Window

It slides and moves side to side. One or the two sashes can be opened and tilt in the interior of the room. They are effortless to clean.

Sound Proof Window Glass

This is a sealed unit that minimises penetration of noise.

Window Parts

  1. Brickmould

This is an exterior stripe of material that closes the space between the frame and the wall. It acts as a seal against air and water infiltration.

  1. Cam Lock

A high-tech lock for sliding windows.

  1. Window Capping

This is a lighter aluminum material cover that is custom-shaped, and it is used over exterior areas that are exposed. They help to protect such surfaces from harsh weather destruction.

  1. Casing

This is the mould used to close the space or gap between jamb extension and the wall.

  1. Rosette

A piece of material installed at the corner of the window to connect the vertical casing to horizontal casing.

  1. Frame

These are vertical and horizontal components of the window that hold the sashes.

  1. Crank

A handle that is used to operate awning and casement windows.

Other Durham windows and doors parts include jamb extension, multiple point lock, night latch, window sashes, and shims.

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