Do You Want a More Beautiful Lawn?

Nothing beats the looks of a lush, green lawn that enhances a property’s landscape. It is important to re-turf your lawn if it is brown or it is not as lovely as you would like it to be. When a lawn is lush, green, and free of disease and weeds, it adds a substantial value to a property. That is why you need to turn to a lawn care specialist that understands your turfing needs. Choose a company that can provide living lawns that are high-premium products.

One Turf That Is Worth Noting for its Resiliency

For example, one of the turfs that is often used is called Sir Walter Buffalo turf. This Australian grass is a good performer in both the sun and shade. It can also be used in climates that experience extreme drought, frost, or heat. Therefore, this type of turf is not only stunning but it is also practical in a place such as Australia.

A Turf for an Athletic Field

You may also want to consider a turf that is often used for sporting or athletic fields. It is just at home in commercial settings as it is on residential landscapes. Therefore, you can rely on this turf if you experience plenty of traffic where you are located. This grass variety is often seen on tennis courts, golf courts, and sport stadiums.

An Affordable Choice in a Turf Product

Perhaps you need an affordable grass. If so, you may want to use an all-around turf such as Eureka Kikuyu turf. This specialty grass is an ideal choice for the homeowner as well as for fairways, ovals, and parks. The bright, vivid colour of the grass and its medium coarseness makes it appealing in various venues.

Where to Learn More Details

You can learn more about these types of lawn when you make an enquiry to a company such as Instant Lawn Adelaide. By taking this step, you can find out what type of turf will best work where you live or work. The aforementioned Sir Walter Buffalo turf is popular because it provides a lush, rich green colour. The turf is also considered safe for both pets and kids. Therefore, parents like this turf for their properties.

No More Problems with Weeds

According to experts in the field, the growth habit for this type of turf is tight. As a result, you do not have to worry about weeds invading the space. If you want to ensure lower maintenance costs, you may want to consider this type of turf for your property. This type of turf is bred from an old soft-leaf buffalo turf.

Irritant- and Disease-Free

Innovations in science make this turf smooth and irritant-free. Its predecessors were often itchy and irritating to the skin. Moreover, the turf can repair itself easily if it is damaged. That way, you do not have to concern yourself with replacing the grass.

If you are worried about disease, again, the Sir Walter Buffalo turf will not present a problem. This turf variety is virtually free of fungus and is not impacted by disease-causing organisms that usually thrive in other types of grass.

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