Designer lamps from one of the best designers in the world

The well-known and world-renowned Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen has a huge collection of lamps available at

You probably know the name Arne Jacobsen. But it is not only from the maker of famous buildings or furniture. The designer, who died in 1971, also has made a large collection of different lamps. The list of his classic design lamps is long, but some of the most famous includes the AJ series and the AJ Royal pendant, which you can find at

The lamps in the AJ series comes as both floor-, wall- and table lamps. The design is from 1960 and was originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen and was a part of the design concept for the hotel. In connection with the 60-years anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic design, a new color palette for the popular AJ table, floor and wall lamps has been launched.

Aside from black, white and pale petroleum, the new collection consists of seven colors: dark green, yellow ochre, rusty red, midnight blue, aubergine and two shades of grey. The colors represent Arne Jacobsens own universe and are chosen based on how they best highlight the essence of the AJ lamp.

Another lamp in the AJ collection is AJ Eklipta, which was designed in 1959 for Rødovre City Hall in Denmark, and later St. Cathrine’s College in England. The soft and diffuse light, that comes from the hand-blown shade of opal glass, has a clear edge, which creates a halo of light around the fixture. Today the fixture is used all over the world in a range of architectural contexts. The lamp comes in models for both the ceiling and for the wall.

The designer’s attention for details can easily be seen in his lamps, where every detail has been thought about. He has influenced an entire generation of Danish architects and designers, who developed their own architectural languages based on Jacobsen’s rational and minimalist expression.

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