Blasted Protective Coatings – What Benefits Do They Provide?

Applying protective coatings on industrial surfaces is a very common practice all across the globe. With so many different machines and plates being used in modern factories nowadays, it’s vitally important that you do something to protect them. Considering the harsh industrial environment, it doesn’t take long for scratches to appear on these surfaces. You need to make sure that you apply a highly protective coating on top of the exposed surfaces to prolong their life and ensure their longevity. However, many factory owners are usually on the fence about whether they should go for a protective coating or not.

If you are caught in two minds about whether you should apply protective coatings in Perth, you should do a bit of research first. The costs of applying a protective coating vary depending upon a series of different factors. One very important factor that affects the pricing is the size of the surface that needs to be coated. Secondly, you will also need to choose a particular type of coating for the surfaces. Some are much more resilient than others, but they also cost more money. It’s imperative that you first contact multiple companies in the city to find out how much the protective coatings are going to cost you. To help make up your mind about these coatings, here are some simple benefits that you get for selecting these coatings.

Scratch Protection

Scratches can appear on the protective coatings due to a variety of different reasons. An employee may randomly scratch the surface while passing by, or something sharp may leave a bad mark on the surface. One of the main reasons why you should consider applying a protective coating is because the surface will be protected by a thin layer of the coating, thus preventing any kind of scratching.

No Change in Dimensions

Modern protective coatings are not only incredibly resilient, but they are also incredibly thin. In many factories, the measurements of machines and exposed surfaces, such as plates, play a very important role. If there’s even a slight change in the measurements, the operational capacity of the machinery may be affected. However, because of the sheer finesse of these protective coatings, you don’t need to worry about any change in the dimensions of the coating. They are extremely smooth and will not result in any change in the dimensions or the thickness of the surfaces.


If there are bright and shiny exposed surfaces in the factory, the reflections may make it difficult for workers to operate efficiently. You can get these protective coatings applied on all exposed surfaces to minimise the reflections. The coatings can be coloured however you please. You also have the option of selecting a glossy finish or a matte finish. It’s recommended that you go for a matte finish, as that mitigates reflections and also provides a firm surface for a better grip. These are just a few things that you should know about getting a protective coating.

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