Top 5 Security Tips For Your Home

Top 5 Security Tips For Your Home

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Most families have their own ways of keeping their homes and goods protected. This may includechecking that all windows and doors are locked at night time and before they leave the house. Many people also like to leave lights on, to make burglars think that someone is home, or late at night, that someone is awake.

Whilst most people will take out building and contents insurance,so they can protect their property and its possessions, nobody would feel safe returning home to find out they’ve had their home broken into.

With all this in mind, below is a list of ways for you to keep your family and home, that little bit safer from burglars;

  1. Don’t give burglars any incentives

It can be an easy mistake to leave the car keys out on the kitchen side,on full view of anyone walking past the window – most of us do it without even a second thought. However, any keys, whether is be to your car, house or garage all need to be tucked away somewhere safe. If a burglar can spy something inside that they think will be worth breaking in for, then they are much more likely to take the risk.

The same goes for any other valuables you have, like cash, purses, passports, driving licenses and bank statements. If possible, it can also be a good idea to ensure any electrical goods like TVs, computers, laptops and computers are kept well away from the windows.

  1. Keep doors and windows locked

It may seem pretty obvious, but always remember to keep your windows and doors locked whenever you leave the house or go to bed, and even when they’re not in use. It is a known fact, that most burglaries occur when they see a property has an open window or door – after all it’s an invitation in for a burglar.

  1. Use timers

Many people use the tactic of making the house look occupied by leaving their lights, TVs and radios on. However, this can be costly and not always environmentally friendly. However, using timers could solve these problems for you. Programming appliances so that they switch on and off at certain times throughout the day,will hopefully deter a burglar, whilst not being particularly costly.

  1. Installing an alarm and security lights

As well as not giving them the incentive to break in, alarms and security lights will hopefully deter any would-be burglars from targeting your property. While any alarm is better than no alarm, a large one that is easy to see, is more likely to put people off breaking into your property.

Outdoor lighting installed near entry points are also a good idea and a very effective deterrent.

  1. Know your neighbours

If you develop a good, trusting relationship with your neighbours, itis a great way step up the markon the security for your home. If you are away on business, or on a family vacation, they can keep an eye on your home while away, as well as reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

Livia Abbey

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