Slim line Aluminium for a Stylish Roof Lantern Aesthetic

Slim line Aluminium for a Stylish Roof Lantern Aesthetic

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Adding an extension to any home offers value in a number of ways. In terms of a financial addition to your property a well designed extension can add real value if you are looking to sell your property and make a profit, or to refinance through a remortgage process. One way that you can improve the aesthetic of your flat roof extension is to add a slim line aluminium roof lantern. It can turn an already ‘pleasing on the eye’ home extension into something stylish and elegant, with a true centrepiece that draws the eye, brings in extra light to the room and leaves guests and family members alike, in awe.

Slim line Roof Lantern Systems 

The development of roof lanterns in recent years has ensured that the designs and installations have improved significantly. For a flat roof extension or any type of extension that has the scope for a roof lantern installation, it is important to get the most value for your money and slim line aluminium roof lantern systems offer a great aesthetic, as well as a sturdy structure and thermally efficient system in your extra space at home.

The first way in which slimline aluminium roof lantern systems have improved in recent years is that you no longer have to worry about chunky profiles, with thick joints that feel clunky and bulky. A slim aesthetic to the joins between the glazing just looks so much more stylish that old-fashioned roof lanterns. You can sit comfortable in your extension and have clear sight lines up into the stars. And with aluminium you can be sure that the product will last for a long time.

Using aluminium as part of the structural design ensures that your roof lantern has been built to last. A slimline aluminium rafter and joints ensures super strength, yet in a lightweight form, and aluminium offers ultimate protection against the weather conditions and long-term corrosion and wear and tear from rain and wind.

Having more sky to view and less roof and structure in the way brings in much more light to not only the flat roof extension that the roof lantern has been installed upon, but also to any adjacent rooms. It can bring back to life previously dull and dark parts of your house, reinvigorating the whole home. A roof lantern with slimline aluminium aesthetic can make a huge difference to the whole feel and atmosphere of your property.

As you can see there are a number of reasons why a slimline aluminium roof lantern system has improved the way in which flat roof extensions have become more stylish and a long-term option that is well worth the investment in recent years. A roof lantern system of this nature offers great sightlines from inside the structure, good thermal efficiency, brings in a vast amount of light to an existing structure, and also adds real value to your home in terms of property prices and lifestyle value in how you and your family use the space and home.

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