Is Your Business at Risk Because of Broken Glass?

Is Your Business at Risk Because of Broken Glass?

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Windows are important because they allow natural light to enter interior spaces. In businesses, the more light that there is, the more content and productive the staff seem to be. This has been borne out by numerous studies on the happiness of employees around the world. But what would you do if you owned a business with windows that were broken?

Fixing Your Busted Windows

Shopfront windows are great to look at and allow a lot of natural light into the business. The problem is that they are vulnerable to breakage, whether accidental or deliberate. Indeed, many shops and other businesses find that windows are broken due to an act of vandalism or trespass. This can leave business owners feeling quite susceptible.

The good news is that a Perth glazier can deal with these sorts of problems. If your shopfront window, or an office window has been smashed or cracked, it’s not good leaving it boarded up. So, why should you make an emergency glazier call and have your glass fixed quickly? Consider the following reasons:

  • Security: It doesn’t matter whether you have one window broken or more, the fact is that any weak point can be used by would-be thieves and others. This is especially true in the case of offices and shops where much of the frontage is composed of glass. Any damage to it can create an open walkway for people with bad intentions. A glazier can come out on the same day and either replace the glass or board it up so that they can source the appropriate pane of glass for replacement.
  • Perception: Running any successful business is about brand building and public perception. The problem is that a broken window or two can make it seem as if you don’t really care about your business and how it looks. How would you feel if you walked into a local shop and saw that the frontage had been boarded up for a few weeks without having been fixed? It’s a truly poor look and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible in order to build public confidence.
  • Dangerous: Any broken glass in a business is a health hazard. The last thing that any employer desires is for one of their staff or customers to cut themselves on a piece of glass because a window or door has not been fixed.

Always Choose the Best Glazier in Town

Whether by accident or design, broken glass poses a health risk and a security risk. Leaving it can affect the public perception of a business and possibly lead to a loss of profits. Always call out a glazier to address the issue, rather than neglecting it.

Livia Abbey

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