How Does Metal Panels Increase the Aesthetic Value of your Home?

Centria Panels have been one of the contemporary-day wall decors. These have been popularly used for accentuating the walls of your room. It would replace wall paintings in order to convey a more aesthetic and modern appeal. This kind of wall artwork comes in a wide variety of designs. Usually, these have been a collection of approximately nine, similarly designed squares of metal. Floral and leaf designs have been relatively popular and favourite of a majority of manufacturers. However, a majority of manufacturing companies would offer customized wall artworks in case, you were the kind who prefers his own ideas designed on the walls.

Different metals for creating the masterpiece

It would be pertinent to mention here that different kinds of metals would be used for creating such masterpieces. Copper, wrought iron and brass would be the common metals used for creating aesthetic designs for your wall.

  • Copper

However, copper has been the best known for its aesthetical value. It has been versatile and easily customized. You would use it indoors and outdoors. The metal has the capacity to change the colour naturally. As a result, you could make use of the metal and select the appropriate thickness along with customizing its design up to the smallest details suitable to your specific taste. Several types of textures could be acquired if you were known to play well with copper.

  • Brass

As with copper, brass would be sculpted in excluding the finest details, as the alloy would expand slightly prior to it setting properly. Having the right finish along with proper protection, metal wall panels manufactured from brass could indefinitely keep the colour intact. Amongst all the available metals, brass would most likely offers a wide variety with respect to colour and finishing on the surface.

  • Iron

Iron would be one amongst the most commonly used metal due to its abundance, malleability and durability. It would provide you with versatility, as that of brass. It would be considered great for outdoor usage. Mostly, mixture of turpentine and linseed oil would be used for preserving the metal.

Prior to choosing from the wide variety of metal wall panels, it would be prudent to decide on a specific theme or mood you intend to evoke. The size of the panels would be imperative. The large kinds of decorations would be for the foyer. However, on the other hand, the small ones could make a significant difference to the plan wall.


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